A Powerful Way to Show Gratitude When Words Just Don't Cut It

There are plenty of times words fail me.

For me, english simply can't encapsulate what it's like to hug my daughter. It can't capture the beauty of a sunset. It can't describe how my favorite pizza tastes. It can't describe the understanding that passes between my husband and I as we are listening to our daughter chatter on about the complexities of social life in second grade.

There are also many times where I've found myself searching for words to convey the love, appreciation and gratitude I feel for the people in my life. Inevitably, words fail me. 

How can I describe the bubbling up of all things good? The relief and fullness of being truly cared for, loved, accepted and supported. Knowing, without a doubt, that someone has your back--really, really has your back--when you need it most. Seeing someone pull through for you and help you in a way that makes your entire world shift into something easier. 

The feeling that no matter what I do or say, they will never truly know how grateful I am and how much they have influenced me.

That kind of gratitude needs its own word, if you ask me.

Or maybe it needs something more than a few letters strung together. 

Maybe that kind of love and gratitude defies words completely. 

When I mentioned this to my Soul Sister, we got to thinking there had to be a way, energetically, to communicate our intense gratitude. We devised a strategy. We played with it. It worked.

Then, a few days later, I casually mentioned it to my daughter (who was 6 at the time) and her reply was, "Uh, YEAH! Of course, that's how it works. I thought you already knew that!" 

(Not many things pass the 6-year-old test. So, you know...this method is clearly legit.) 

When words fail me and I want to convey my deep gratitude, this is what I do:

As with anything we talk about here...give it a try. Play with it. Tweak it to fit what feels right.

Here's a <deposit> for you! With love, from me. 

I'd love to know how <deposits> work for you. Did you try it? Did you notice how complete you feel after being able to share that energy with another?



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