The Power of the Morning Reset Point

Each of us holds immense potential and possibility for creating and living a life we love.

The morning time is the easiest place to access those potentials and possibilities.


Because when you are asleep at night, your body, mind, soul and energy system rests and completely resets.

This means that every morning when you wake up, you can start fresh. 

Knowing this can completely shift your entire day, not to mention positively change the course of your entire life. 

Which is kind of a big deal.

So, let's explore this a bit:

First, what many people don’t realize is that there is a Morning Reset Point in the first place. Well, there is, and once you know where it is, you can learn how to leverage it.

Second, when you use the Morning Reset Point as part of a morning routine you love, you can use the power of that reset to change your entire life.

Locating the Morning Reset Point

The Morning Reset Point is the 3 seconds between sleeping and waking up. Your eyes might be open. They might not be. The easiest way to describe this exact morning reset point moment is when you spend the night some place new. When you wake up that morning, for a few brief seconds you aren’t quite sure where you are. THAT is the morning reset point. 

We all have this every single morning, but because it is so brief, we often skip right over it. Or reach over and grab our phone to check email and FB. If we can recognize this time and capture it with a word, phrase or thought that we want to think (as opposed to immediately jumping to where we left of the night before), we can change the entire course of our morning and our day. 

How to Leverage the Morning Reset Point:

1. Choose a phrase that you want to use as your morning reset phrase. Get creative here. It can be a simple word like “gratitude” or “love.” It can be a simple phrase like, “I’m grateful to be awake.” or

It can be an intention “I’m ready to show up with courage today.” “I want to be of service today.” 

One of my favorites is “I wonder what miracles will show up for me today.”

2. Then, the second you wake up, think that phrase or say it aloud. Repeat it for 60 seconds. This is a simple but VERY powerful trick and will change the entire momentum of your day.


A Solid Morning Routine

Now that you know how to leverage the power of the Morning Reset Point, it's important to keep the momentum going in the morning so it trickles out into your day.

Highly successful, productive and happy people will tell you that good mornings lead to productive and happy days. A whole bunch of good days strung together makes a happy life. 

If you'd like to create a powerful morning routine join the free Morning Makeover course to get more great tips on how to start your day in a powerful way.


Your turn! Post a comment below and let me know:

How solid is your morning routine?

What phrase did you choose to insert into your Morning Reset point?