Trying to wrap your head around this?

You're not the only one with questions! But, many people who are new to energy don’t even know what questions to ask. Take a peek (and have a laugh) at some of the things people have asked me.

Do you live on a mountain side and weave your own clothing or do you move around in a world I might recognize?

This is by far the best question I've ever been asked. If you have one that is sweeter or more unique than this one, please send it to me. I will be so happy.

I'm not sure what kind of world you might recognize, but I prefer water to mountains which is good because west Michigan doesn't have a lot of mountain ranges. I live in a house with my family surrounded by trees, water and incredible neighbors. 

                  My family

                  My family

I do not, in fact, weave my own clothes. I buy my them but don't particularly enjoy shopping. I wear flip flops the minute the temperature hits 50*. I put off buying new running shoes because then I might feel obligated to take up running again. 

I like rollercoasters. I love pizza. I can scarf down chocolate + peanut butter like you wouldn't believe. I cry every time I watch The Notebook. I have dozens of books laying around that I'll probably never read but I want to. I can't tell a good joke to save my life, but somehow that doesn't stop me from trying.

I met one of my closest friends back in fourth grade and she still likes me. Or so she says. My husband affectionately calls me 'Putchie' and somehow it fits. My daughter thinks I'm the weirdest person she knows (which I'm pretty sure means I'm like every other mom on the planet).

I have 'mom fails' regularly like the time my daughter was 18-months-old and drinking a glass of milk. She got to the bottom of the glass and said, "The milk has cheese in it, Momma!" as she chewed on a giant curdle. 

I have an adorable puppy whose exuberance and antics try my patience and dirty my house. This video of her had me laughing for days. 

(No 6 month old puppies were harmed in the making of this video.)

I also have unique gifts and talents like every other person on the planet, and I use them to run a business online. 

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Do you have a Facebook group or Facebook page?

Yes and yes.

You can join an awesome Facebook® community when you sign up for the Power Hour Basic membership.

I have a business Facebook page, as well. I share lots of information there. Give it a LIKE so you don't miss out!

You can find me on TwitterInstagram and YouTube, too.

Deana, I want to work with you 1:1! How can I do that?

I work with a very select group of VIP clients by application only. 

VIP clients typically come to me with extensive personal and professional development under their belts. They've tried pretty much everything but can still sense there is "something more." They are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to gain clarity and fully connect with their "something more" (aka Soul Purpose). They want to see immediate results NOW. (Or yesterday. Or last month).

The VIP services are designed to accommodate that accelerated time line.  And they do. Clients sign on with me for a minimum of 6 months and the shifts that happen during that time are nothing short of miraculous. 

The work is consistent, deep and targeted which allows an acceleration of the coveted energetic shifts to occur. They have an expert in energy on their team and in their back pocket advising them about their own energy and the energy of their business and projects.

My VIP clients realize that this level of energetic support and intuitive insight is an essential investment in their business and themselves. The financial investment for the VIP work is indicative of the intense and pure energetic level in which I'm required to show up with clients before, during and after a session.

If you're ready for an expansive up-level, please jump on the wait list here

I'm loving your stuff and want more of it. What kinds of programs and services do you offer?

Awesome! Glad you're loving it here. There are lots of opportunities to learn all kinds of energy related stuff. I have a master's degree in special education so teaching complex things in a clear, simple and easy-to-digest way is my specialty.

I house all of the group programs and DIY courses in Self Healing School. Check out the course catalog at the bottom of the page to find the courses that would be a good fit for you.

What is your favorite course that you offer in Self Healing School?

I love them all. Of course, I'm gonna say that. But, my personal favorite is Power of the Prism. I wear my prism every single day. It has changed my life and is my most precious possession.

In Power of the Prism, you get your very own clear quartz prism necklace and an online course that shows you how to channel the powerful energy within the prism.

This popular group program is the gateway to an amazing spiritual journey, unlocking a treasure chest of healing and manifesting secrets that will help your blocks dissolve so that you can connect fully to your Soul Purpose and do what you came here to do. 


I want to learn more about energy. Where should I start?

If you want to learn more, you can go the the Get Started page. If you're ready to dive in (that's how I roll, too!) and start clearing your energy now, join us in Power Hour where you'll learn how to care for your own energy. 


More juicy answers coming soon.

What is energy work?

How often do I need it?

What can I do on my own to support your work?

What if the changes don't stick?

What kind of background or experience do I need to benefit from your programs?

Are you a witch?