Deana's Favorite Things

I get many messages asking me about what I like to do, what books I like to read, what resources I recommend, what courses I've taken and what I use to run my business. So here you have it!

Things I Love:

I love taking selfies with my frammers (family).

I love eating Papa John's Pizza (triple extra cheese, please) and chocolate with my frammers. Especially when it's Friday pizza + movie night!

I savor a long walk outside everyday. That fuels my soul and clears my energy better than anything else.

I love a good beer on tap with friends and have never met an IPA that I didn't like.

I love being on the water. ON it. In a boat. Not necessarily in it.

Books I Love + Products I Love:

I have a long list of books and products I love. You can find it here.

I'm in the very beginning stages of writing my own book. A few, actually. Self Publishing School has been instrumental in this.

Screenflow Hero taught me how to learn Screenflow fast. Totally worth the $97 to drastically cut my learning curve.


Things I Love for My Business:

I run my entire business online from my Mac. Her name is Gracie.

Pretty much my entire business is housed in New Kajabi. You can get 15% off when purchasing through my affiliate link. My courses, landing pages, membership portal, opt-in forms, affiliate name it, I run it all with Kajabi. The learning curve is small and it is the most simple and complete tool I've ever encountered. Investing in Kajabi was a HUGE up-level in my business and one of the best business decisions I've made. 

One of the tools I can't live without is Screenflow to record and edit my videos. 

This website was made with Squarespace and designed by Nicole Bonsol.

I use a Blue Yeti USB microphone for all of my videos and group calls.

I have a thing with these pens. Seriously, I swear these pens are magical. They have helped me create every course and offering in my business. I won't write with anything else.

I use these post-its every day to create my to-do list. Writing it down makes it real and helps me be incredibly productive.

Everything I create in my business begins on a white board. I have 5 of them and use them EVERY day.

To send emails to my clients, I use ConvertKit. (But, I am switching all of that over to Kajabi right now.)

Evernote helps me organize all my ideas and provides a handy place for "brain dumps."

I am only recommending the things I use and love. Like, really, really LOVE. Because of that, I am an affiliate for a few of the products and services I mention on this page.