Course 101: Intro to Energy

Ready to learn how you can manage your own energy
and activate your extraordinary life now?

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Three videos. 21 minutes total. Lots of "aha" moments.


1. Do you give off good vibes or bad vibes? Watch this video to find out.

This video will activate you to:

  • Know whether or not energetic work is for you. (Spoiler alert: I was terrified when I first started.)
  • Understand why you don't need to change who you are to positively shift your entire life with energetic work.
  • Answer the one question that will help you determine your energetic vibration.
  • Begin releasing all of the stuff holding you back right now so you can connect to your Soul Purpose.

(Time Investment 10:33)

2. Get in on the secret that the world's most successful and happy people have figured out.

This video will activate you to:

  • Understand the energetic principles already at play in your life and how they affect you.
  • Learn how you can positively influence the energy around you to create the life you want (instead of the allowing the energy with which you're surrounded to influence you).
  • Discover #1 thing you can do to immediately begin releasing blocks, dissolving resistance and shifting your energy so you can up-level (and feel better) fast.

(Time Investment 3:48)

3. Begin to shift your energy (and your entire life!) today.

This video will activate you to:

  • Experience how your high vibe and low vibe energy feels to you.
  • Learn how to release your heaviest, low vibe energy right now to naturally buoy your life experience.
  • Discover where to find every answer you'll ever need and how energetic work uncovers them.
  • Get crystal clear on the one reason that peace, joy, clarity and our Soul Purpose often elude us.

(Time Investment 7:07)


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