Committed and Ready to Up-Level?

Choose the group that is the best fit for what you are wanting to call into your life. 

PoWer of the Prism:
Connect with your soul purpose

Power of the Prism is for game changers who are ready to rapidly release the energetic blocks holding them back so they can fully access their power. It provides both the tool and the know-how so that members can energetically up-level and finally connect with their Soul Purpose. 

Spoiler alert: When you join Power of the Prism, you get your very own gorgeous prism and you'll learn how to activate it. The prism will serve as a powerful tool and physical reminder of your spiritual journey. 

This course will show you how to harness the power of your prism and connect to the energetic upgrades and activations necessary to clear the path and finally align with your Soul Purpose.

Are you committed to this intense level of energetic work? If you are, you'll love every single part of this journey.

Power of the Prism comes only once a year.

It is open for new members NOW! 

(Enrollment closes January 14, 2017, at midnight EST.)

Power of the Prism will be open again in 2018.

Power Formula:
Create from your Soul PUrpose

Power Formula is for the courageous creator who is deeply committed to bringing their Soul Purpose Work into the world.

Power Formula deeply activates the game changers who have connected with their Soul Purpose and teaches them the energetic principles necessary to create from that inspired place. 

The focus of the course is on empowering you to discover the energetic principles at play between you and your Soul Purpose Work with a big concentration on clearing your own energetic blocks, aligning your energy system on your own and mastering the energetics behind extraordinary manifesting.  

This course is the ultimate culmination of the energetic work you've been doing because by the end of the course, you'll be SEEING and CREATING your Soul Purpose project...with grace and ease (and a little bit of amazement because it all clicked into place so quickly and easily).

Power Formula gives you the step-by-step formula to access your power so that you can bring your Soul Purpose into this world with confidence and certitude. 

Power Formula is currently being tried and tested by an amazing and committed group of founding members. If you are interested in joining when enrollment opens in fall, 2017, you can jump on the wait list now.