Power of the Prism comes only once a year.

The next journey begins January, 2018.

As a result of working with Deana, I’ve ended up with daily practices to keep myself on track using this powerful tool, and so much has developed for me.

She will empower you to take care of your own energy and is there to step in and help when you need a boost— but buckle up because she’s a seriously powerful healer! Come into this program and work with Deana only if you’re ready for everything to change.
— Karen Park

I really feel blessed to be a part of this group. The prism is not for the light hearted, be ready for your stuff to surface. I feel like it is just beginning.

Deana provided so much information. It was so well thought-out and presented. I loved the length of the videos, not too long. She gave us so much knowledge to work with on our own. Empowering us to be our own healers. SO beautiful.

I would recommend Dena’s work to anyone. She is a light. SO joyful and fun.
— Kristin Clark Haas

My prism forever changed my life. And so did Deana.

Power of the Prism isn’t just a program or course. It is a turning point. It’s a way of living. It’s the most incredible treasure in my treasure trove.

In less than two weeks, I felt my Prism’s power in my energy. It attuned me to the highest of vibrations that I’ve ever felt; vibrations that I’ve only known by being in the company of angels before.

It helped me release tons of old patterns and energies. I didn’t just feel like I up-leveled by one or two levels at a time, this thing took me up seven or eight notches at a time. It knocked all sorts of crap out of my energetic system.

I saw its impact everywhere in my life. I became clear in my soul’s purpose and then was able to create FIVE offerings in my business based that vision! For the first time ever, I became able to articulate my purpose and stand in the power of truly knowing what I came here to do. I am longer floundering or avoiding the essence of who I really am.

POTP is life changing and I recommend it to anyone who wants to truly to heal, amplify their purpose, and live an invigorating life.
— Nicole Karon