JK Rowling has her pen. Stevie Wonder has a piano. Taylor Swift has a guitar. Serena Williams has a tennis racket. VanGogh had a paint brush.


All of the game changers of the world have that one item that helps them connect with, step into, execute and make a substantial living from their big Soul Purpose (that thing each of us came here to do) so they can bring it to a world that needs it.


What about you? Do you have a tool you use to bring in the work of your Soul Purpose?


Maybe you’re not here to write a best-selling book about magic or bring music or art to the world. Maybe you’re not here to break records and win trophies on the tennis court. Or maybe you are.


But the truth is you have a Big Purpose. A Soul Purpose. We all do.


But connecting with it fully (and consistently) can be tricky.


Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you had an item like VanGogh’s paintbrush or Rowling’s pen that allowed you to easily connect to your Soul Purpose so it could flow through you effortlessly? 


Something that would allow you to peel back those layers of protection so you could finally access the Soul Purpose that you can sense calling from deep inside you? (SP blocked graphic)


But for some of us, our Soul Purpose doesn’t have an obvious tool like a guitar, a pen or a paintbrush.


The good news is that we have access to something better. Much, much better.

Are you ready to get your own version of JK Rowling’s pen so you can step more fully into your Soul Purpose? 


Are you ready to drop your limiting beliefs, connect with your Soul Purpose, shift your entire life, and make the world a better place?




(prism photo)


We are spiritual beings living in a physical world. We came here to create by bringing our Soul Purpose work from the spiritual realm into the physical realm. 


If we don’t have a strategy for this, we can spend our entire lifetime (or many lifetimes) grappling with HOW to do this, all the while fighting against resistance trying desperately to make it happen. 


We force, we push, we hustle…over and over. Even though we don’t enjoy any of it.


We buy courses and read books. We become angry and agitated. Depressed. Hopeless.


We see others doing it and are plagued with jealousy and comparisonitis. “How are they doing it and why can’t I figure it out myself?”


What if you were making it too difficult for yourself? It probably wouldn’t be the first time that’s been the case, right? 


What if you could drop the hustle? Stop the forcing and pushing?

What if all you really needed that one item—your very own crystal prism—that allowed you to activate, channel and create your Soul Purpose work in much the same way Stevie’s piano allowed his music to emerge from pure inspiration and VanGogh’s paintbrush allowed his Starry Night to be created as it flowed from his Soul Purpose?


When you join the Power of the Prism experience, you get your very own prism PLUS all of the powerful energetic activations and upgrades encapsulated inside it showing you how to:


  • target, uproot and remove all of the blocks and limiting beliefs preventing you from powerfully connecting to your Soul Purpose. 
  • activate a solid connection between you and your Soul Purpose so you can access its inspiration and wisdom any time you want.
  • turn up the volume on the messages from your Soul Purpose so you can understand them clearly and take inspired action.
  • program the prism with your intentions and desires so they are magnetically attracting what you’re wanting on autopilot.
  • use your prism to heal yourself, clear and balance your energy system and create a new high vibration energetic set point for yourself (so that you can get off the emotional rollercoaster for good).
  • focus, harness and channel the powerful energetic upgrades and activations encapsulated in your prism so that you are consistently aligning with and creating the full potential of your Soul Purpose work.


Your prism will become your powerhouse for all things spiritual.


It’s your magic pen. Your inspired paintbrush. Your tool to change the world.


The Power of the Prism experience will teach you how to bring your Soul Purpose to this world using the powerful energetic activations Deana has encapsulated inside your very own crystal prism. 

Deana will support you every step of the way as you experience the intense energetic activations and upgrades that begin a transformation—an unfolding—that words simply can’t explain.

But, you feel it, don’t you?

That’s because the real power of the prism and the energetic activations it holds, is that it activates and connects you to the power already inside of YOU.

Your Soul Purpose may be covered up by years of emotional gunk, cultural programming and limiting beliefs. There may be energetic blocks in the way. But on some level, you can still sense your Soul Purpose is there and it’s time for it to emerge.

Each prism is encoded with powerful and uniquely customized energetic activations. 

These activations attune the prism to your unique Soul Purpose, allowing the prism to act like a magic key, unlocking and revealing your Soul Purpose and your magic and power that has been hidden, covered up and dormant within you for so long.

When you pair that with the perfect combination of empowerment, support and instructions, it’s easy to see why so many people are getting completely transformative results from the Power of the Prism journey.



Nicole Karon

Power of the Prism isn’t just a program or course. It is a turning point. It’s a way of living. It’s the most incredible treasure in my treasure trove.

-Nicole Karon 

My Story: 

For years, I struggled to find my purpose. I was desperate for that one magic solution that was going to change everything. That thing that was going to bring me from tired and miserable to finally making the huge difference I’ve always known I was here to make. 

I tried course after course. I read books. I went to therapist, psychics, workshops, the mall, the gym.

Searching. But, not really knowing what I was even searching for.

And it all took me outside of myself. Because I so badly wanted to find the thing to save me and fix my problems. What I couldn’t see was that I really needed something to bring me back inside. Something that could help me access what was already there and allow it to emerge with grace and ease. 

The prism did that for me (and a whole group of others, too)!

As I connected with the energetic activations and the Power of the Prism teaching encapsulated inside my prism, I unlocked my own Soul Purpose. 

In the Power of the Prism course, I’ll show you how to do that, too. Except, you get the short cuts. You get to learn from my years of trial and error. You get immediate access to the empowerment and support available to you now that the Power of the Prism has been neatly channeled, focused and encapsulated inside your very own prism. 

All you need to do is decide you’re ready to end lifetimes of struggle and connect to your prism so you can release the blocks between you and your Soul Purpose, finally allowing your Soul Purpose work to flow into this world.

Because what you came here to do is really, really important.

“There are few things more beautiful than Souls waking up.” -Deana


You know the struggle and hustle I’m talking about, don’t you?

The neverending problems that you’re spending so much time on. The unending to-do lists. The days that feel rushed, unproductive and not a whole lot of fun. All of the stuff you’ve been trying to do (for years!) so that you could carve out time for your Soul Purpose work. But, there’s rarely any time left over and if there is, your energy is completely drained.

Many of us have been collecting layers upon layers of energetic blocks and limiting beliefs for our entire life (and even long before that!) and this influences how we feel now. All of the energetic baggage can make life tricky. Things feel overwhelming and downright out of control. We’re depressed. Anxious. Fatigued. Angry. Or at the very least, life is just not going as smooth and wonderfully as we’d like it to. (LVE graphic)

It’s not you. It’s the energy. And it’s blocking you—preventing you—from doing what you came here to do.

The layers of obstacles, limiting beliefs and resistance that are coming up in your day to day life are not only frustrating and no fun, they are actually preventing you from connecting to your Soul Purpose! (SP blocked graphic)

While we can make huge progress in our daily life by locating and dissolving these blocks and raising our overall energetic vibration, when it comes to our Soul Purpose, we have very specific blocks preventing us from connecting to it and accessing the inspiration and wisdom stored there.

The prism (and Deana’s customized energetic activations encapsulated inside) begins working immediately to target and dissolve these specific energetic blocks unleashing your full potential and the capacity to connect with your Soul Purpose. (graphic)

Working with Deana in the Power of the Prism program can cause side effects that may include: renewed excitement and clarity for your life’s purpose, an amazingly supportive and encouraging community, release of limiting beliefs that have been stopping you in your tracks, and the inner trust that you are an amazing being and the knowing that it was always in you, just to name a few.
— -P.E.

You determine your own results, of course, but once you connect with and further activate your prism using the simple, step-by-step video lessons from this course, you’ll feel a blast of energy as your personal energetic assistant (aka your prism) springs to life. 

From that moment on, your prism works with you—and for you—in a hundred different ways to bring your Soul Purpose to a world that needs it.

The more you journey through the lessons of the course and learn how to use and deepen your connection with your prism, the more amplified and powerful you both become.



But, if you’re anything like I was, it might be hard to even accept the possibility that you could completely transform your life just by wearing a prism. 

I know how hard it is to be floundering, completely disconnected from my Soul Purpose and living each day stuck and frustrated.

I went round and round with the same frustrating issues, patterns and problems for decades (and lifetimes!) trying to get to the place I am now full of freedom, gratitude and creative expansion.

I remember all to clearly when limiting beliefs controlled nearly everything I did. They told me what I should do, what I couldn’t do, what other people wanted me to do…but it wasn’t until I got my prism and was able to connect with my inner truth and Soul Purpose that I finally discovered what I wanted to do. What I came here to do.


(LB graphic: I can’t afford it! “You have to do it on your own or you’re cheating.”

“Anything worth having takes hard work.”

“Life is all about sacrifice. Stop whining. Stop complaining. Buck up and get back to hustling.”

“Nobody understands you so nobody can help you.”

“Life is hard. That’s just the way it is.”

“I’m not good enough.”)

Maybe you’re like me and have always done things a little differently. Maybe you’ve never quite fit in or always felt misunderstood. Maybe the people around you couldn’t see what you see. Didn’t know what you knew. You quickly learned to hide (and maybe even fear) your unique gifts because of what other people had to say about them. 


So, of course, it’s difficult to connect back into your Soul Purpose. You had to bury it. Keep it hidden so it would be safe. You may have even forgotten that you did that. But, you can feel it, cant you? It’s still there waiting to be uncovered. Waiting for you to connect to it and bring it to this world. (graphic)

All it takes is courage, willingness and someone (or a community of ‘someones’) to support you along the way.

I’m here with you. Because I know what it was like (and how completely ineffective it was!) to feel like I had to do it all on my own…even though I had no clue what it was I should be doing!

In Power of the Prism, we journey together every step of the way as you FINALLY connect with your Soul Purpose and bring your gifts to this world. 

With equal parts EMPOWERMENT + SUPPORT, I’m here to: 

  • give you an energetic advantage by providing both you and your prism with consistent, customized energetic activations and upgrades.
  • drastically cut (and even eliminate!) your “transformational learning curve”—cuz ain’t nobody got time to be miserable and spinning for one more day!
  • ensure your journey is filled with as much grace and ease as possible…because mine most certainly was not. Not even close.

My mega super power, zone of genius is that I can see your Soul Purpose. I can also see the blocks preventing you from accessing it.

I’ll show you how to see what I see so together we can dissolve the blocks preventing you from accessing your Soul Purpose while simultaneously activating the flow of your Soul Purpose inspiration to flood into your awareness.


Power of the Prism is the beginning of a spiritual journey of unmatched proportions.It will guide you directly to your Soul Purpose so that you can create what you came here to create, do what you came here to do and live the life you’re meant to live.

These little prisms have a way of calling in their people, so it’s no accident you’re here. They attract people with Big Purposes who need the tools, activation and support to catapult themselves to the next level.

The Power of the Prism Journey is the merging of a tool possessing latent powers and multiple wisdom + energetic activations that bring that power to life. You’ll learn step-by-step how to connect with and harness the energy of your Soul Purpose and use the prism to amplify it all. You breathe your Soul Purpose into the prism and everyday you teach it how to support you so that the momentum continually increases.


You’ll learn how to:

  • use the prism’s energetically encoded activations to target, uproot and remove all of the blocks and limiting beliefs preventing you from powerfully connecting to your Soul Purpose.
  • program the prism with your intentions and desires so they are magnetically attracting what you’re wanting on autopilot.
  • heal yourself by using the prism to clear and balance your energy system.
  • turn up the volume on the wisdom and inspiration flowing from your Soul Purpose so you can clearly understand the messages.
  • recognize your current energetic vibration at any given moment so you can quickly clear your energy, raise your vibration, feel better and have all kinds of miracles heading your way.

Common experiences of people who are a great fit for the Power of the Prism:


  • You sense something blocking you from your Soul Purpose and you have this underlying sense of urgency like something needs to happen…and fast!
  • You don't know what your Soul Purpose is yet but you can feel something there. 
  • You do know what your Soul Purpose is but you’re not making as much money as you want with your Soul Purpose work.
  • You’re not manifesting the life or business you know you’re capable of.
  • You feel some degree of alignment with your Soul Purpose and want to accelerate your current path and allow the full capacity of your SP work to emerge NOW.
  • You want to seriously target and release the more tough, deeply rooted energetic blocks.
  • You FEEL like a prism belongs to you and nudging you to join. You’ve just gotta have one!
  • You don’t feel the way you want to feel and you’re ready to change that.
  • You feel a deep and unexplained sense of urgency within you that is urging you to prepare or line up with something, and you sense that you may not quite be lined up yet.


So how do you REALLY know if the Power of the Prism is right for you? 

If you’re hearing excuses about why this isn’t a good fit, it could be your limiting beliefs talking. 

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Check in with yourself.

Ask yourself: Is the Power of the Prism journey right for you? Is it time to connect with your prism?

Does the answer, “Yes” feel light, expansive and good? 

Or does it feel tight and constricting?

When you pay attention to what you FEEL (NOT what you think or what’s tumbling around in your head), you know for sure that you are connected to your inner truth. From that place, you’ll always do what’s right for you.

Sometimes, your inner truth is a whisper. Other times it’s a roar. The important thing is that you trust it. 

Because the minute you trust that inner guidance, all of the barriers to what you want begin to fall away.


You came here to change the world. 


On some level, you’ve always known that.


But, it hasn’t been easy. You’ve been to the dark places. 



You’ve heard people call you:

  • too intense
  • too weird
  • too passionate
  • too sensitive
  • too out there


So it makes sense that we put our Soul Purpose into deep hiding. It was too important to be tainted by others. They just couldn’t understand it. Maybe you didn’t quite understand it…but you feel it. You always have.


But, now, there is an urgency connected to it. A sense that it’s got to get out in the world, whatever it takes. You're committed. You're willing. And you have more than enough courage to see it through. There’s also a fair amount of fear.


It makes sense. This is a big deal. You came here to make the world better for all of us…especially the people who hold your heart.


The scariest part is stepping into it and connecting with it. We come up with every excuse in the book. "I can't afford it." Or "It'd be selfish for me to focus on myself." Or "It's too woo-woo." Or "It's not the right time."


Except it is the right time. You can feel it. That sense of urgency that something big is coming and that you need to line up with it. Maybe you can feel the fear creating stories to hold you back. Maybe you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.


And what other people think about it shouldn’t prevent you from bringing it to the world.


Consider this... what would have happened if JK Rowling never picked up that pen because she didn’t want people to think she was weird? Or VanGogh never painted because he couldn’t paint like Picasso or Monet?


The world would be cheated out of Soul Purpose gifts if JK Rowling hadn’t found her pen or if Taylor was too scared about the what the mean girls on social media had to say.

While some people may prefer Picasso or Monet, some people prefer VanGogh. They all bring beauty and value to this world and that is to be appreciated and honored, no matter what the loudest critics say.


The world just wouldn’t be the same without their influence. The world was changed by their gifts.


People who show up fully in their Soul Purpose change the world in the most beautiful ways. And YOU are here to change the world. 


It’s your life to live. Your Soul Purpose needs to be out in the world. It’s time. 


If somebody thought it was awesome, would you do it then? Because I think it’s awesome and I’ve created an entire community of people who will think your Soul Purpose is awesome, too.


“You know what breaks me? When someone is visibly excited about a feeling or an idea or a hope or a risk taken, and they tell you about it but preface it with: “Sorry, this is dumb but-“.

Don’t do that.

I don’t know who came here before me, who conditioned you to think you had to apologize or feel obtuse. But not here. Dream so big it’s silly. Laugh so hard it’s obnoxious. Love so much it’s impossible.

And don’t you ever feel unintelligent. And don’t you ever apologize. And don’t you ever shrink so you can squeeze yourself into small places and small minds.

Grow. It’s a big world. There’s room. You fit. I promise.”
— Owen Lindley

What POTP includes:

Each module includes customized energetic activations and upgrades for you and your Soul Purpose.

Module 1: Energetics—Your Transformation Begins!

  • Empower yourself by learning advanced energetic principles you can use to raise your vibration and shift everything—fast!
  • Begin releasing your energetic gunk and low vibe energy immediately.
  • Learn exactly what you need to do to prepare for the arrival of your prism.

Module 2: The Prism—The Powerful Secrets of Your Prism Revealed!

  • Learn how to care for your prism and how to connect with it’s power once you receive it.
  • Discover the more subtle (yet powerful!) ways that your prism energetically supports you 24/7.
  • Tap into the dual power your prism holds so each day you can choose whether your prism will focus on assisting you in creating from your Soul Purpose or receiving the abundance flowing to you.

Module 3: Prism Healing—Turning Your Prism Into Your Personal Energetic Assistant!

  • Clear and balance your chakras and raise your energetic vibration with this simple prism trick.
  • Target and dissolve the specific energetic blocks preventing you from fully connecting with your Soul Purpose.
  • Program the prism to store your most powerful intentions so they remain active in your vibration and shift your energy.
  • Accelerate your manifesting ability! Discover how to turn your prism into a magnet that attracts everything you’re wanting on auto-pilot.

Module 4: Soul Purpose—Communicating with your Soul Purpose

  • Learn how to use your prism to directly connect with messages your Soul Purpose is sending you.
  • Identify how and where these messages come through and how you can be sure you’re receiving them clearly (and not just making it all up!). 
  • Discover how to channel and harness the inspiration and Soul Purpose downloads that await you.

Module 5:  Activations

  • Discover how the prism activates the people around you and why this is so, so important. 
  • Get an insider’s only sneak peek into Power of the Prism 2!

Live group calls with Deana:

4 x 50 minute group calls. All calls will be recorded and the energetic benefits are the same whether you attend live or view the recording.

January 17, January 31, February 14, February 28, 2017 at 3pm EST.


Introduction to Your Chakras with Alexis Pierce

You’ll learn about each chakra, what it’s responsible for and how to tell right away if its balanced or needs healing.

Crystals: The Basics

Not really sure about crystals, what they do or why they are so powerful? Deana will explain everything you’ve been wanting to know about crystals including how crystals can help you raise your energetic vibration and make huge energetic shifts, assist with manifesting all forms of love and abundance you’ve been wanting to show up in your life, how to choose the most powerful crystals for you and how to keep the negative energy of others from affecting you.

Energy Session: Connecting Fully With Your Soul Purpose

Journey with Deana on this extremely powerful recording as you release, clear and dissolve the energetic blocks preventing a full, deep and consistent connection between you and your Soul Purpose. In this bonus recording, we will be targeting the biggest, most deeply rooted energetic blocks preventing clear access to your Soul Purpose so that you can allow the high vibration messages to flow freely and beautifully into the world. We’ll also be activating the high vibration energy surrounding you and your Soul Purpose to accelerate the journey and fill it with grace and ease.

Bonus course with Linette Davis

People who show up fully in their Soul Purpose change the world in the most beautiful ways.

With the Power of the Prism course, you are choosing to powerfully connect with your Soul Purpose using your prism to bring to bring it to life so you can join the incredible people changing our world for the better.

You know the people who are doing that. The people proudly and powerfully living their Soul Purpose. Look at Oprah. Tony Robbins. Beyonce. Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s easy to see their Soul Purpose shining every time they take the stage. 

Powerfully. Beautifully. Unapologetically.

Because they know there is more to this life and they’re committed to bringing their gifts forward and inspiring change to make the world a better place.

Imagine if the game changers of the world stayed small. Imagine if people tearing the world apart were the only ones to rise up and act. What would the world be like then? 

We need you. We need your Soul Purpose. Because the truth is, nobody else can do it like you can.

What would it take for you to have the courage to do what you came here to do? 

Are you ready for the tool, the teachings and the energetic know-how that are going to unlock your own magic, so that you can change the world?

What if this was the year you took action on something that made everything else click into place? You have to do the work, of course, but once you activate your prism with the teachings from this course, it is like a blast of energy—your personal energetic assistant—that works with you and for you to bring your Soul Purpose to a world that needs it.