Ready to work with me one-on-one?

Whether you'd like to add energy work to your personal life or professional life, I've got you covered!


What is a VIP Session like?

What do clients typically work on in a VIP Session?

Some clients come to me with specific things they'd like to focus on:

  • relieving physical symptoms.
  • deeply connecting to their intuition or guidance.
  • discovering their True Purpose in life.
  • finally moving past a recurring issue or problem.
  • eliminating resistance in a particular area (love, business, money, etc.).
  • healing past traumas.
  • increasing self-confidence.

Some clients come to me without a specific concern, but have something bothering them and they can't quite put a finger on it. They are experiencing things like:

  • confusion
  • a sense of urgency for seemingly no reason
  • a sense of "looming" like something is about to happen, but they aren't quite sure what it is
  • intense anxiety and fear
  • depression or lack of energy
  • being on an emotional rollercoaster that they can't get off
  • a feeling of being "tortured by thoughts" that they can't turn off.

An Important Note About VIP Work

Many people who contact me about VIP work are new to energy work and believe that they have to work 1:1 with someone for the healing to be effective. Often, I find the exact opposite to be true. My VIP clients will all tell you that beginning in any of the online group programs I offer makes VIP work much more effective. 

I really encourage people to buy an Accelerated Results Session or Accelerated Journey. These are incredibly powerful energy healing sessions (delivered via video online so you can watch them as often as you'd like for continued healing) and also lay the groundwork for VIP work. When making a high level investment, it makes sense to be positively ripe and ready and joining an online energy session will do just that for you. 

A complete list of these energy sessions can be found here at Self-Healing School


Personal energetic support

During these sessions, we set an intention and begin clearing up the gunk and connecting you with the good stuff...and so much more! Because of the way energy works, Deana is able to access multiple dimensions of your energetic field helping you to create profound physical, mental, emotional and spiritual shifts. 

You are in the driver seat the entire time as Deana walks you through the process and helps you become aware of the limiting beliefs and blocks that are keeping you stuck. You'll be empowered to understand the intuitive messages available to you and learn how to continue your powerful shifts long after the sessions end.

  • 3x90 minute sessions over a 2-4 month period
  • Weekly connecting on email
  • All sessions are held via Skype® or Zoom®

One Payment: $1650

Payment Plan: 3 x $575=$1725

If you're serious about healing your past and making huge leaps toward your happy future, email me so we can see if we're a fit.

(There is currently 1 spot available beginning in August, 2017.)


hybrid energetic support

When clients want comprehensive energetic support for their entire life and business, we enter into a powerful partnership.

You have consistent, on-going energetic support specifically targeting and crushing any unwanted obstacles while simultaneously amplifying what's working and connecting to new possibilities.

Our bi-weekly sessions focus on pinning down the most elusive subconscious blocks and outdated beliefs, so you can up-level effortlessly.

  • 2x90 minute sessions each month
  • Unlimited connecting on email
  • Access to my calendar to add additional sessions, as needed.

Minimum 6 month commitment

One payment: $6300

Monthly Payment: 6 x $1150

Please note: This does not include me working directly with your clients.

(There is currently 1 spot available beginning in August, 2017.)


professional energetic support

Are you a coach, therapist or leader in your field wanting to accelerate the breakthroughs and results of the people you serve?

Use my energy expertise to transform your tribe (and create raging fans getting awesome results).

You and I join forces to help your clients/patients/team release their resistance and self-sabotaging patterns so they can get the most out of your sessions and programs.  Plus, it'll allow you the freedom to do EXACTLY what you want without all the roadblocks (and grumpy emails).

We can work magic together bringing energetic support to your:

  • 1:1 Client Sessions
  • Content for your courses
  • Webinars
  • Facebook® Groups


What exactly would this energetic support look like? The possibilities are endless. I'd be happy to send you some ideas, examples and show you what has worked for other clients. 

Interested in this but just not right now?  You can stay connected and get on the wait list here.